Huth believes form will improve

Robert Huth believes that Leicester City’s form in the Premier League will improve as the season goes by.

He believes that the players have yet to find their form this season and that gradually this will come back. He admitted that it is harder to win games this season as the opposition know how they are going to play and that they are ready to defend.

He said that the team is still working on changing their playing style and that it will take time before they adapt to a new way of playing. He said that they need to take control of the game now as the opposition chooses to sit back and wait. He believes that is the main reason why they are failing to win games as they did last season.

Robert Huth also admitted that opposing teams are more motivated to beat them this season as they are the champions. However, he believes that things will change as the season goes on and that the primary objective of the team is to avoid relegation.

He said that they are enjoying the Champions League at the moment and that they want to go as far as they can in this tournament. He believes that they have the necessary experience and skills to win games in the Champions League and believes that they could get out of the group. After that, it will be a bonus for them, and they want to participate in the next round of the Champions League.

Robert Huth said that the players are working hard in training in order to improve their form and he believes that they are on a good run as shown by their form in the Champions League. He believes that it is only a question of time before they can bring this form to the Premier League.