Huth on Jose Mourinho

Former Chelsea player Robert Huth said that Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers that he has played with. He said that the Portuguese manager is an experienced man and know football thoroughly. He said that when he came to Chelsea, he changed everything and that every player were in awe of him as he was meticulous and attentive to every detail.

Robert Huth said that he was amazed by the manager’s knowledge and that every player was attentive to his instruction – he learned a lot under him and admitted that he was a very knowledgeable manager. He said that during training the players were given information and statistics about how they played and how they could improve. He said that this was very useful to help players improve and to know their weaknesses, which makes all the current struggles all the more unlikely.

Jose Mourinho was also very meticulous when it comes to tactics as he will provide a lot of information on the opposing teams about their strength as well as their weaknesses. There were plenty of statistics on the opposition players and he would prepare his team adequately.

Jose Mourinho has come under intense pressure during recent times with Manchester United struggling in the league. Many pundits, as well as former players, have called for the manager to be sacked as they feel that the team has stopped progressing under the Portuguese manager. After buying tickets to see United in action through this link, Hith admitted that he was as shocked as anyone to see them crashing out of the League Cup in their first match, when Derby from League One somehow managed to eat them on penalties

Robert Huth does not agree with this and said that Mourinho is the best manager for Manchester United. He admitted that there might be some difficult moments in a season but he feels that the team will recover and improve during the course of the season. He believes that Jose Mourinho is still a good manager and he will prove it very soon on a football pitch.