Robert Huth, the Chelsea Defender has Taken Retirement from Professional Football

Robert Huth, who had played for Chelsea and Leicester City, has confirmed that he would be retiring from Professional Football. He was released by the team at the end of the last season at the age of 34, ever since then, he had been working as a free agent. There was news in the media that he would be moving to the Derby County earlier this month, but the news of this retirement has put all those doubts to the rest.

He had been introduced to the circle of the English Football in the year of 2002 as a young player from the youth club in Berlin. For the club, he had played in 62 matches and had scored two goals in a span of four years with them.

He could not create a great mark for himself in the team because he was constantly plagued by injuries and inconsistencies that were resulted because of that. Under the leadership of Josh, he was never the first preference and often found himself below the likes of John Terry etc. But he has tasted victory twice for the Blues and that would be the highlight of this career. Apart from that, he will also be fondly remembered for that fact that he had played a vital role during the time when Leicester City won the season during the year 2015 – 2016.

The player confirmed his retirement in the social media through his Twitter handle. Further, he said that it could not be lesser of the truth; he exclaimed that he had been retired! It will be interesting to see whether he would come back to the football set – up by taking up professional roles with the sides, in the form of being a coach and an advisor, for instance.