Robert Huth feels the impact that Craig Shakespeare has done

It has not even been 2 months since Craig Shakespeare was selected as the official manager of Leicester City and already he is receiving praise from football figures for what the 53 year old English tactician has accomplished in the short period of time that he has spent at the helm of the Premier League club.

Craig Shakespeare took over the first team squad of Leicester City as their new manager on March 12 of 2017 and has led them to impressive victories over: Sevilla, West Ham United, Stoke City and Sunderland.

The 53 year old manager was even recognized recently for his string of positive results as he became the only English manager to win his first 4 league matches.

Robert Huth has acknowledged the impact that Shakespeare has made and even though it has been a fairly short period of time since Craig took over, Robert Huth stated that his influence is being perceived by the entire squad as the German defender said: Continue reading “Robert Huth feels the impact that Craig Shakespeare has done”

Robert Huth admits that Middlesbrough deserved a penalty kick

Leicester City has gone from being the champions of the Premier League during the season of 2015-16 to being dropped into the bottom section of that same league.

Taking into consideration the fact that a number of highly-rated and experienced managers such as: Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, JurgenKlopp and Jose Mourinho joined the English League, it was going to be extremely difficult for Leicester City to defend their title but they weren’t expected to do so disastrously as they are doing now.

After 21 Premier League matches being played, Leicester City is currently pitted at the 15th spot and to make matters even worse, Robert Huth recently stated that his team got a lucky break when they faced off with Middlesbrough on January 2 of 2017.

In the 2nd half of Leicester City’s match against Middlesbrough, Robert Huth brought down AdamaTraore but the referee did not give away a penalty kick which is something that surprised the 32 year old German defender and he made his voice be heard in a post-match interview as Robert Huth said: Continue reading “Robert Huth admits that Middlesbrough deserved a penalty kick”

Robert Huth blasts the officials of the Premier League

In the world of football, being a defender is not a highly coveted or praised position as the players which usually get more recognition are the offensive players that are able to score goals and steal the spotlight such as: Lionel Messi, C.Ronaldo, etc…

One of the reasons of why having to play as a defender isn’t as enticing as other roles in the pitch is due to the fact that any mistake which is made in the own half can have a huge consequence as a penalty kick or another dangerous set-piece can be given away.

Leicester City’s Robert Huth is not a defender that is not known for giving away a lot of penalty kicks but he was recently called out by the referee R.Madley during Leicester City’s league match against Tottenham Hotspur which was played on October 29.

That match between Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur concluded in a 1-1 draw but the only goal that Tottenham was able to score occurred at the 44th minute when the referee allowed a penalty kick in favor of the home team after Robert Huth appeared to have brought down Tottenham’s Vincent Janssen. Continue reading “Robert Huth blasts the officials of the Premier League”

Huth believes form will improve

Robert Huth believes that Leicester City’s form in the Premier League will improve as the season goes by.

He believes that the players have yet to find their form this season and that gradually this will come back. He admitted that it is harder to win games this season as the opposition know how they are going to play and that they are ready to defend.

He said that the team is still working on changing their playing style and that it will take time before they adapt to a new way of playing. He said that they need to take control of the game now as the opposition chooses to sit back and wait. He believes that is the main reason why they are failing to win games as they did last season.

Robert Huth also admitted that opposing teams are more motivated to beat them this season as they are the champions. However, he believes that things will change as the season goes on and that the primary objective of the team is to avoid relegation.
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Leicester City Secure Clean Sheet

Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri reckons that the club are back to their best after managing a 0-0 draw with Arsenal. This was only their first point of the season after having been beaten on the opening day by newly promoted Hull City.

It was a major shock as Leicester were expected to comfortably win the game given the opposition’s troubles on and off the field. Leicester clearly missed the experience of German defender Robert Huth at the back. The German was unavailable for the opening game since he was serving a suspension picked up from last season. Continue reading “Leicester City Secure Clean Sheet”

Claudio Ranieri is beginning to realize Importance of Manager

Being a Premiership winning manager means immense attention from all quarters and Claudio Ranieri is beginning to realize that.

He jokes if he had accepted each and every invitation he had received during the off season, it would have taken him almost a decade to visit the places.

The wise, old fellow that he is, Ranieri can be trusted not to let the stardom affect his personality or attitude and he, at least as of now, definitely looks unaffected.

He is speaking absolutely the same way he had been for the past 12 months; the touch of arrogance is nowhere. He is humble as ever and is also trying to keep himself and his team away from any hype.

In fact, he is starting with the same target that he had started with previous season which is safety from the drop. Can you imagine a reigning champion to worry about slipping down to a lower division the following season?
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Robert Huth, a Leicester city player who was suspended did a ‘john terry’ where he appeared in his full kits as Leicester City complete their fairy tale season.

A while ago there were talks fo Jamie Vardy doing a ‘John Terry’ if Leicester won the Premier League at Old Trafford, a game which their top scorer was banned for. They didn’t eventually win it as they played a draw with The Red Devils.

Robert huth did a ‘John Terry’ after announcing it on twitter, a popular social media site. Huth followed the path of his former defensive partner at Chelsea, John terry, who was suspended but appeared in full kits to lift the EPL title when the Blues won it. Huth had been banned for the the rest of the season after his handbags with Marouane Fellaini but showed up to lift the trophy.

Former Liverpool defender, Jamie Carragher blasted Fellaini. He wrote on his Daily Mail column:

“My personal hope is that we would never see him playing in the Premier League again.”

The current Sky Sports pundit Carragher took Fellaini to task after the Belgian midfielder received a three-match ban for elbowing Leicester City‘s Robert Huth during a recent 1-1 draw at Old Trafford in the Premier League. Continue reading “ROBERT HUTH DOES A JOHN TERRY AS LEICESTER CITY LIFTED THE EPL”

Robert Huth’s partnership with Wes Worgan has been remarkable

Jamie Vardy and RiyadMahrez are getting all the attention in this season for everything that they have accomplished in the Premier League.

The offensive combination of Vardy and Mahrez has seen them scoring a total of 39 goals out of the opening 35 Premier League games.

In the world of football, the offensive players and goal-scorers are the ones that receive more recognition and this is why the majority of the Ballon d’Or winners are either forwards or midfielders and it’s very rarely when a defender gets a big individual award such as the Ballon d’Or or anything of this nature.

Leicester City are running away with the Premier League title in this season and even though Vardy as well as Mahrez deserve their recognition, Robert Huth and Wes Morgan have turned out to be the most consistent and efficient defensive partnership from the entire Premier League. Continue reading “Robert Huth’s partnership with Wes Worgan has been remarkable”

Rafa Benitez advised Players to Ignore Table

Rafa Benitez claims that he has advised his players against looking at the table.

Newcastle United’s hopes of avoiding relegation took another turn for the worse after a 3-2 loss against fellow relegation rivals Norwich City. This was a match Newcastle needed to win at all costs in order to help themselves out of the drop zone. Due to the substantial difference building between the drop zone and clubs placed in the 15th, it will be far difficult for any team to think about avoiding relegation without pulling the likes of Norwich or Crystal Palace into the mix.

The inverse has happened during the weekend, as Norwich have been able to build a four-point advantage over Sunderland and an even bigger six-point advantage over Newcastle. This puts them firmly in control going into the final few weeks of the campaign. Benitez is yet to test his first victory as Newcastle manager. Recent reports suggested that the Spaniard is in line to become the head coach of the Spanish national team after the Euro 2016. Benitez has a release clause his contract that will allow him to leave St James’s Park should Newcastle get relegated to the second division. Continue reading “Rafa Benitez advised Players to Ignore Table”

Claudio Ranieri reckons one of the reasons why Leicester is holding the second position

Claudio Ranieri reckons one of the reasons why Leicester is holding the second position in the Premiership points table at this point of time is that a couple of big clubs have not been able to play as well as they can.

According to Ranieri, Leicester would have surely struggled to be placed this high in the table if the big boys had come to the party.

But, the boss is happy with how things are going at the moment and he is hoping that there is no turn around for the big teams for the rest of the season so that the Foxes manage to achieve something special which they are well and truly on track for.

When the season began, many would have thought that Leicester’s real target was to avoid demotion, but, forget demotion, they are now in a position where they can hope to become the Premiership Champions for the first ever time in their history.

On the other hand, a team like Chelsea whom everybody had backed to be the biggest contender for the title again is finding itself threateningly close to bottom 3.

Even Manchester United, after having a decent 2014-15 under Louis Van Gaal, was seen as one of the favourites coming into this season, but, they have not been extraordinarily impressive either. Continue reading “Claudio Ranieri reckons one of the reasons why Leicester is holding the second position”